My commitment to helping my community drives me.

Vice President

May 2017 - February 2018

Served as Vice President of the Suffolk University Student Government Association.

Chief Justice of SJRB

May 2017 - February 2018

Served as Chief Justice of the Student Judiciary Review Board. In charge of constitutional issues and interpretation, reviewing all bills and resolutions before they are presented to the SGA Senate, and involved in settling disputes and other issues within clubs and student organizations on-campus.

Elections CommitteE

May 2017 - February 2018

Served as Chair of the Elections Committee. Oversaw the Fall 2017 Elections, creating election packets, ballots, publishing results and remaining in constant contact with candidates. Involved in complaint resolution and maintaining fairness and objectivity in the election process.

SGA Senator Class of 2020

October 2016 - May 2017, October 2018 - Ongoing

Elected to serve as representative of the Class of 2020 at the Student Government Association. Meet every week at the SGA General Meeting to stay up to date on activities around campus, concerns of fellow students, and voting to pass legislation.

Finance Committee

October 2016 - May 2017

Voting member of SGA Finance Committee. Allocated budgets, and voted on requests for clubs, teams and groups on campus to hold events, travel for conferences, buy equipment and uniforms etc.

Housing & Facilities Committee

October 2018 - Ongoing

Member of the Housing & Facilities Committee. Working to address any housing or physical campus issues and benefit students by implementing new policies and procedures to improve the student experience on campus.

Constitutional Review Committee

November 2018 - Ongoing

Member of the Constitutional Review Committee, working to draft, propose, and amend the Suffolk University Student Government Association Constitution and By-Laws, by ensuring consistency, compliance, and constitutionality.  

Academics Committee

October 2016 - May 2017

Member of the Academics Committee. Worked to develop and improve policies to benefit students academically, in and outside the classroom, such as Early Alert and online office hours with professors.

Campus Space Committee

January 2017 - January 2018

Undergraduate student voting member of the Campus Space Advisory Committee. Worked to ensure campus space is utilized in the best interests of students as well as guiding planning of construction and renovation projects.