Ombuds Office

Independence, impartiality, accountability

An office open to everyone at Suffolk, listening to your concerns from an unbiased perspective. A starting point for any issues with how complaints are handled at the university. An advocate for doing the right thing is as opposed to doing what's easy. An Ombuds office will totally transform student life at Suffolk. Click here to learn more.

STUDEnT Center

Yes, an actual student center

Suffolk students need an actual student center. Being a downtown university doesn't mean we have to settle. With our gym and basketball court – which need expansion – already in the Ridgeway building, the top three floors can be repurposed with lounge seating, games, fast wifi and a place to hangout between classes.

Great food

Delicious, healthy, affordable

For too long Suffolk students have had to put up with food that's poor quality, unhealthy, and way too expensive. With little nutritional information, short hours, few options for vegetarians, vegans, and those with other dietary restrictions, we need to get more from our dining services provider, or change them out for a better option.

Open TextBooks

Recording Classes


Free and open source textbooks

Video or audio recording classes

At Suffolk, recycling is trash

Many universities across the U.S. have started using open-source textbooks in their classrooms. Suffolk University's $1,200 recommended amount to spend on books and supplies is way too high.  Making a simple change like this – even if it cuts costs by half – will save the undergraduate students of Suffolk $13.2 million over 4 years. 

Most classrooms already have recording equipment. Professors recording their classes will give students the ability to watch and review. And if you ever miss a class, you always have the last lesson available so you don't fall behind. Plus, data suggests reviewing a recording of your classes improves learning outcomes.

We need to make Suffolk a leader in sustainability. A few ways to do that: using real plates and cutlery – instead of paper and plastic in our dining halls, expanding a green roof right here at Suffolk, growing our own local produce for consumption on campus, having a donation week when students move out of residence halls, and making sure we recycle.