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Walsh clinches mayor’s race for second term

Mayor Marty Walsh trounced into a second term in office on Tuesday night and outplayed his challenger, City Councilor Tito Jackson. By more than 31 percentage points, the incumbent easily took the mayor’s race by storm after already four years of leading with a firm and capable attitude as he fought for all residents of the city of Boston.

“Tonight, we commit once again to be a city for all of us, to bring opportunity to everyone,” said Walsh to press and supporters at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel on Tuesday night after the Associated Press called the votes.

Sophomore SGA Senator Sophia Romeo said she saw proof of Walsh’s strong re-election campaign early on; with his name “plastered everywhere” from Hubway bikes to garbage cans as a reflection of his efforts on the city’s economy and efforts for small business owners.

“He’s taking Boston in a direction where it is competitive with other progressive and innovative cities,” said Romeo. “The push to have Amazon headquarters in Boston is also important to me as a students since it will open up job opportunities and boost the culture coming to Boston.”

SGA Vice President Yasir Batalvi supported the Walsh political machine throughout his campaign to strive for another four years in office.

“Under his leadership, Boston has continued down the path of growth, progress, and development that we, as residents, deserve and the rest of the country expects,” said Batalvi. “He’s an aid to our community, a help to students and graduates, and a mayor that’s willing to take risks to push our city toward the best possible future.”

“After four years of hard work, I believe it more deeply than ever: when we come together, Boston, anything is possible,” said Walsh in a statement to The Journal. “The choices we make for Boston are not just on election day. The choices we make every day are what bring us together as a city. Across all our differences, we vote with our feet to come here, and we vote with our hearts to stay.”

*This article has been edited for content size. No specific statements have been altered. The original version of the article can be found at: The Suffolk Journal | Walsh clinches mayor’s race for second term, by Alexa Gagosz, Haley Clegg.